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1 week ago
The Subie Doctor

"How long would it take to throw a motor in it?"... well. looks like about 6 seconds... this is a subaru though... a vw or audi may be closer to 10

When a customer asks "how long does it take to just throw a motor in?"

1 week ago
Photos from Motorkars's post

Do you wanna go fast? This 2017 GTI does... turbo and Integrated Engineering Intercooler upgrade...

Thanks Cory for trusting us with your rocket ship

2 weeks ago

Southbend Stage 2 clutch install on a Mk7 Golf R... yes please.

3 weeks ago
Photos from Motorkars's post

A great turn out at Autobody Specialists Downhill Diecast Drags. The drags are happening and everyone is having fun.

4 weeks ago

... And to go with the article.. here is a photo of a customer vehicle that came in because they hit a rather large pot hole. They said after hitting it the car would pull hard to the left. (left ... See more

4 weeks ago
Extreme temperatures creating pothole nightmares in Central Ohio

With the extreme temperature fluctuations we have been seeing, if your car has been a magnet to these road hazards, make sure to have your vehicle inspected for bent suspension/steering components ... See more

A plague of potholes is taking a toll not only in Columbus but across the Midwest. You can thank Mother Nature’s wacky temperatures. ODOT said as soon as crews patch one pothole up, by the ... See more

1 month ago

Just some nostalgia for any old school VW/Audi people... vintage parts boxes from the 70s

1 month ago
Photos from Motorkars's post

1985 Westy getting a fresh Gowesty Camper Products 2.2L. Fired up and ran on the first shot. 👍

Then we 3D printed an odometer fix bracket to remedy the inoperative odometer.. and tadaa... ... See more

1 month ago
The Complete Audi Buying Guide: Every Model Explained

A quick run down of all of Audi's offerings for 2019, with a very abbreviated history and model name descriptions.

Audi, an upmarket competitor for Mercedes and BMW, follows a simple naming format, for the most part, employing letters and numbers.

1 month ago

An oil leak probably saved this RS6.

leaking valve cover gasket... removed to find the cam chain tensioner guide broken off and floating in place. An expensive repair?... yes... but it could have ... See more

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